Me Maria and Minaj

@jorenerene: Let's discuss the current state of the music industry.

@mariamishka: Rap is awful. Nicki Minaj is terrible.

@jorenerene: Secretly wanted Nicki Minaj to succeed, specifically with Stupid Hoe. Stupid Hoes everywhere should call themselves Stupid Hoes. Just in case I don't recognize them.

@mariamishka: I think that Nicki Minaj is the worst thing to happen to the feminist/womanist movement since the Bad Girls Club.

@jorenerene: Nicki Minaj is the greatest thing to happen to the gentleman's movement since the baddest bitch euphemism. We've written my entire Nicki Minaj post.

@mariamishka: LOL! Spot on! Please post.

Steve Nash

With the National Basketball Association’s trading deadline in our rear-view mirror, let’s confront the much ballyhooed hostage situation surrounding the idea that Steve Nash, having won two popularity contested Most Valuable Player awards, transformed the fortunes of the Phoenix Suns in the process, and at this salary strapped juncture, was owed the right to chase a championship ring elsewhere. Revisit the careers of teammates that Steve Nash’s play has supposedly transcended, including Amar'e Stoudemire, Joe Johnson, Dirk Nowitzki, Shaquille O'Neal, Shawn Marion, and Michael Finley; suppositions aside, has any other NBA star played with more All-Star caliber players in their career, and gotten more of a pass for not delivering a ring? Only two of the aforementioned names do not have Finals rings, and have all made annual playoff appearances without Steve Nash directing traffic, dazzling audiences, and downright being the reason for every positive outcome according to routine commentary.

While Lebron James is indignantly discussed despite having at least led the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Finals, Steve Nash’s historical basketball legacy is unfairly judged in contrast due to what many perceive as loyalty; yet once we agree that earned championships are far more valuable than entertaining performances, it becomes easier to accept that Steve Nash may not have coerced his way out of Phoenix due to loyalty, his reason may have appropriately been guilt.

Silicon Alley

When Neil DeGrasse Tyson, influential astrophysicist, published, The Sky Is Not The Limit, coincidentally in response to Lil Wayne’s, The Sky is the Limit, and Michael Arrington, influential technologist, announced, “I don’t know a single black entrepreneur,” my personal and professional accounts had already confirmed these divergent statements. There is a shortage of African Americans, particularly women, working, or even seen, in the start-up scene. After an invitation, rejection, postponements, no response, acceptance, and eventual no show, where any arrival would have stood out, this is the prevailing environment of Silicon Alley. Please enjoy some photos from General Assembly's Demo Night, March 7, 2012.


A minesweeper, in the real world, refers to a person or small naval warship that performs demining in war torn third world countries. The Minesweeper we know and disdain, for imitating a source of entertainment, is ancient, and predates Windows itself. For the uninitiated, the game presents the player with an empty field of squares, underneath each square is either a space, number, or mine. Revealing a number tells you how many mines are in the adjacent boxes, revealing a mine ends the game, the goal of the game is to uncover all the squares that do not contain mines. It's a relatively simple, yet satisfying, game of deduction. At the current rate of childhood memory movie adaptations, headlined by Transformers and Battleship, the Minesweeper movie will surely grace us shortly.

After attempting to repair yet another bloatware infected PC, it's only reasonable to request their owners be forced to beat Minesweeper for super user permissions, or be forced to switch to a Mac; especially if the rest of this post confused you in the first place.

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