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Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform. - Mark Twain.

It is my nature to question everything; however, even as a contrarian, it is not in my nature to be argumentative. Present me with a square, and I may find a cube; you say racist, I say racial. Despite a clear indifference, most any dissentious matter, whether composed of subjective expressions or objective statements, quite often leads to misappropriated defensive rebuttals, and bleating echoes of eerily similar sentiments. Personal reasons, and cited evidence aside, understand that my aim is not to persuade others to share my view of any matter; my approach to writing is to record ideas, actions, and theories, that have not yet been expounded upon. What I will not do is follow blind faith, make unsolicited decisions for whom I am not responsible, or ironically judge anyone for being judgmental; because when I conclude discussions with my best wishes, be assured that my salutations are genuine, and may your ideologies best serve you.

Reasonable Standards No. 1 - 5

  • You're not the problem, sincerely, it's me; and we aren't a solution. This is not a standard, it is a genuine explanation for anyone in search of one.
  • Promote a woman sculpting her body over women concealing their excess; you hear as much if you ask around, then see the settling if you pay attention. #spandex
  • Women who completely draw their eyebrows on scare me; superficial modifications aside, a woman's true physical beauty is judged by what survives a shower.
  • Walking is a mode of transportation first, then the LOWEST excuse for exercise; or, saying you need to workout is not working out.
  • It’s only fair to question a person’s ability to understand ideas based on their ability to communicate ideas; especially since most devices now come with spell check.

Trayvon Martin

Pop quiz, which of these men is still alive, Abner Louima or Amadou Diallo? Which country was not hit by an earthquake in 2011, Japan, Haiti or Turkey? No worries, while Trayvon Martin's killing was a tragedy, as were the 16 civilians, 9 of them children, methodically killed by an Army sergeant, some events just make it easier to take a side, and call for justice; especially when participation is conveniently catered to one’s interests, popular among peers, and currently in constant rotation. I jump bandwagons as well, even shifted my allegiance from the New York Jets to the New York Giants just in time to win myself a Super Bowl; already skipped the hooded sweatshirt craze to look for a hijab in memorial of Shaima Alawadi. Pop quiz answers: Abner Louima, and every country listed, including Turkey, was significantly ravaged by an earthquake in 2011. Everyone accept my condolences. For extra credit, how many states have prominently upheld the stand-your-ground laws for decades?

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