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Gray Conversations

* the following is a hypothetical conversation.

  • Gray: Hello 9:43 PM
  • @jorenerene: Hello gorgeous, how are you? 10:00 PM
  • Gray: Why don't you hit me up anymore? 10:24 PM
  • @jorenerene: Because you don't answer questions and petulantly push your own agenda instead of enjoying a conversation, see this conversation for proof. 10:25 PM
  • Gray: Lol ok 10:27 PM
  • @jorenerene: Will be posting this conversation on Tumblr, would you like your name censored or linked to your Twitter address? 10:41 PM
  • Gray: Lol 10:44 PM
  • @jorenerene: Seriously, you can't answer a question? To save face, namely yours, this is now a hypothetical conversation for publishing purposes. 10:54 PM

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