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RNC 2012 Recap

My notes from the final night of the Republican National Convention, served in reverse order.

  • @barackobama following the #rnc and @thedailyshow interview w/ Michael Steele, your task is clear, invite Ron Paul to speak at the #dnc #fb
  • #rnc @thedailyshow Michael Steele, these conventions are largely INFOMERCIALS, not to get into the nuts and bolts of arguments.
  • We must thank Clint Eastwood for revealing there is a President Obama that only Republicans can see @thedailyshow #rnc #late
  • ... will the Democratic National Convention be equally reminiscent of a @wwe event?
  • ... there's a problem if the night @barackobama was elected, remains your fondest memory of his presidency #truth
  • ... the Romney-Ryan families charge the stage with "Living in America" blaring to end the #rnc
  • ... @klout @googlechrome influence extension reveals @barackobama > @mittromney
  • ... the Willard equation: champion wealthy success, stress opposition shortcomings, outline vague solutions.
  • ... was Willard this critical of Bush about leaving office worse than he found it?
  • ... who poses better than Willard Mitt Romney during pauses? This well of #rhetoric is truly impressive.
  • ... Willard has all the traits of a winner, from his dress, to his smile, to his gestures and speech; Democrats are on the clock
  • ... per Clint Eastwood's claim against lawyers for President, Romney has a law degree from Harvard #quit
  • ... that awkward moment Marco Rubio receives an applause because he can speak Spanish
  • ... watching Marco Rubio wait for applause is uncomfortable, someone needs to adjust the applaud cue cards.
  • ... Marco Rubio's grand father knows how special America is, apart from the rest of the world, because he used to live in Cuba
  • ... listening to Clint Eastwood discuss politics reminds me of the Chappelle joke about Ja Rule's opinion during September 11th
  • ... watching surprise guest Clint Eastwood fumble through PRESIDENT Obama insults is worse than watching rappers try to act
  • ... RNC sponsored video showed a loving family man, effective businessman, convincing leader, generally without fault #rhetoric
  • ... swore everyone meant Taylor Swift was performing, still don't know how this guy won American Idol, weak field that season?
  • ... best part of Paul Ryan's speech was hearing how he was carved out of a piece of wood by an old Italian man named Geppetto

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