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An Audience


Someone finally asked about the whereabouts of my blog posts; to everyone inquiring, to the both of you really, my process was amicably interrupted. First, I left my journal on the roof of a moving vehicle; after retracing my steps, it’s been verifiably lost. Someone in the world may have notes detailing my day to day life, if they’re capable of painting my picture through words, then I expect a six-hour long TMZ segment dedicated to my insanity. The culprit most likely tore out the first quarter of used pages, and kept the really nice pen that was attached. Second, following the Martin Luther King Jr. post, I had mistakenly scheduled a string of black history themed posts, before it dawned on me that February is Black History Month. Meaning to push back my blog queue, everything went awry when I lost the filler content that wasn’t transcribed from my journal.

Lastly, it’s hard to cultivate an audience without concentrating on a single subject area. I write fiction, non-fiction, about health, style, technology, and other endless possibilities and combinations. I just write, to clear my head, or elaborate my stance from social discussions without resorting to arguments. As much as I respect journalists, their profession has turned into copywriter hell; as a contrarian, it’s hard to sell to the status quo. I’ve always thought that whether you like my writing or not, I would’ve been glad to receive criticisms and compliments alike; where compliments make you feel good, criticisms make you better. With expectations like those, you quickly learn that the only thing worse than destructive criticism is silence. My Quora query on the topic is home to cobwebs and tumble weeds, maybe there isn’t an answer; and yet, we’re all convinced that winners don’t fit into square pegs.

If you find yourself impatiently waiting for my scheduled blog posts, then let me know in any manner you see fit; through the channels on will work best. As with all endeavors, I appreciate any and all interest, thank you for your participation.

Postscript: Special thanks to Tiantha and Jillian!

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