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Zaha Hadid

Lines are my personal hell, just give me a number and contact me when you're ready. In lieu of standing in line at BJs, I found a magazine and sat to the side until a new register opened; there, Zaha Hadid came to my attention through a Time Magazine article.

Photos of a breathtaking building caught my eye first, then the unique Zaha Hadid attribution piqued my curiosity, and sent my fingers combing through pages. Zaha Hadid is a regal, 62 year old woman of Iraqi-British descent, who adorns extravagant gowns to better reflect the masterpieces she is responsible for around the world. She has also taught at Harvard, Ohio State, Columbia, Yale, and other prominent international Universities. Her list of accomplishments fill trophy rooms that rival pioneers on historical levels. She is the first woman to win Architecture's highest distinction, the Pritzker, and remains favorably ranked on worldwide lists of influential figures.

Zaha Hadid nourished my healthy respect for professional women in the sciences, fittingly in a super market, symbollically away from the frustration of checking out. While I have not seen these "Real Housewives of Any Metropolitan City," or "Any Kardashian" that continues to enthrall our young ladies, I'll be glad to keep you abreast of the positively impressionable marvels of the world once the laughter ends.

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