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Internet Marriage

You're getting married? No? You're engaged? Not exactly? Your boyfriend proposed and you're undecided? Oh, then after a week of negative marital comments, you finally rebuffed him? Quite the announcements to make on the internet. I may just be old-fashioned, probably too old-fashioned for a world where women publicly crush men, between updates expressing a desire to be a better person.

Ironically enough, many men wish death upon me - *50 Cent Spotify Radio* - by death, I mean men have suggested setting me up with this very woman. Little do they know, we already met and went on a single date; I'll confess that she is quite commendable as a person, even by my stringent standards.

Again, I'm probably old-fashioned, the notion of starting a family, with the right woman under the right conditions, appeals to me; on the other hand, it no longer surprises me to meet women who wouldn't want any parts of a husband or children. I'm sure there are many factors involved with any case that I will remain ignorant of; even in this instance where I fail to relate. From my perspective, what I do understand is it would be unreasonable of me to socially share such a personal situation, or gauge the response of uninvolved parties for such a personal decision.

An early editor of mine suggested that I call out the person in question, I'm under the impression that would imply I have a problem with her actions. This isn't a judgment, this is my commentary of an event that played out on my newsfeed, let’s not get extra and instigative for ratchet’s sake. For all intents and purposes, I’m happy for her, especially if she’s happy with her decision and its execution. I'm definitely old-fashioned, the words *hopeless* and *romantic* also come to mind. Best wishes to the new schools of romance.

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